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Snapchat Memories

The popular social media Snapchat, recently added a feature dubbed ‘Snapchat Memories’ which permits its users to keep on to their photos and videos for a week longer than before.

The Kibo Code Quantum is an eCommerce system by Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton that uses technology to select the most profitable products from US suppliers and automation to streamline the sales. We are writing our The Kibo Code Quantum Review so that you can know the truth about this program and decide whether to go for this program or not. Let’s start our Kibo code Quantum review by knowing a few things about the program and its creators Aidan Booth & Steve Clayton.

Drones; New Frontiers In Agriculture.

Drones are dynamic machines with an increasingly wide-spread sphere of influence.

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We are the largest retail store for all tech gadgets in the United Kingdom. ...
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Snapchat Memories

The popular social media Snapchat, recently added a feature dubbed ‘Snapchat Memories’ which permits its users to keep on to their photos and videos for a wee longer than before. It’s an accessible-within-the-app gallery of snaps which one can search and share.

This unique feature preserves the snaps on the social media’s servers that automatically gather as saved snaps that in addition get separated into various distinct categories according to the location.

Furthermore, using keywords such as food, saloon as well as hotel, users can also search.

The Snapchat Memories feature is now available for users who have updated the application through iOS and Android stores after they had received a snap from the Snapchat Team informing them of the updated version’s availability. 

Now, a new extra icon is present below the camera button of the main camera interface of the Snapchat app; swiping it gives access to the Snapchat Memories. Users can then view a series of tabs enabling him to switch between viewing snaps, stories and camera roll.

Parents should educate their kids about the positive and negative side of various apps and why it’s wise to follow some rules. Teenagers should be made to know things posted online (as on Snapchat) can surface anytime as they grow older.

Finally, kids must be made to understand that even with the needed precaution, anything posted online can yet become public in a short time. Any content posted online can gets one into trouble. Snapchat and other online apps therefore must be used sensibly

How To Make Memories?

In order to make a new memory, using his choice filters and stickers, the user has to create a snap. Afterwards, he should click on the save icon to save the snap in his camera roll or gallery. Therefore, the snap will be stored in the Memories section instead of in the roll.

Remarkably, through the Memories feature, a story can be created. This is achievable under the Memories section where a user will have to select and hold down a specific snap, then click the ‘My Snap’ icon which is atop the screen.

Once this is completed, he should click the ‘Create a story from this snap’ icon, and then select additional snaps he desires to as well add. Finally, he can easily save or send this new snap.

Meanwhile, it’s important to note that when a user posts a snap to the story taken in the last 24 hours, he will get a frame around it alongside the timestamp.

In addition, if the eggplant photos exist, they can be deleted under the ‘My Eyes Only’ section within the Memories feature. To do this, users need to press and hold on to the snap, tap ‘My Snap’ and select ‘My Eyes Only’ in that order.

The Memories feature’s most interesting part is that snaps saved under it are as easily accessible from other devices.

Hence, as far it is properly used, it can be said that Snapchat is good. If parents and guardians do not maintain a steady check on the kids, then they will endure the many consequences

Drones; New Frontiers In Agriculture.

Drones are dynamic machines with an increasingly wide-spread sphere of influence. They are used in many different industries to serve a lot of purposes and solve problems as they arise.

Presently, agriculture appears to be the field that employs the use of drones the most, and for good reason too.

A very large percentage of farm produce are fruits harvested from trees, trees that over the years have grown taller than the farmers that planted and grew them.

Grapes growing on vines cannot be seen clearly and observed from a far distance, this makes adopting an extra mechanism necessary for farmers who would like to know the condition of their fruits.

Nowadays, plants and crops are monitored by drones, small, unmanned, aerial vehicles which take pictures and videos that can be seen and observed by a ground-based controller.

Why Drones?

Even though all crops have a known, estimated maturation time attached to each of them, they do not all flower and bear fruits at the same time, and therefore the fruits cannot possibly ripen all at once.

For maximum profit, a farmer needs to constantly monitor his crops to determine which ones are ripe enough for harvest and which ones are not.

This process can be very stressful to carry out manually, especially for large scale farmers who have many acres of crops.

It is also very difficult to determine the ripeness of a fruit on a tall tree by just looking up at it.

Drones, with their accompanying point and shoot cameras coupled with a GPS solve this problem perfectly as they not only take aerial pictures of the crops, but also provide information on the exact location of the pictures taken.

 This helps the farmers to know which fruits are ripe and where exactly they are.

Drones prevent loss and wastage of farm produce and money by helping farmers to harvest their crops at the right time.

Harvesting too early or too late has severe implications for farmers. Harvesting too early would result in wastage of unripe fruits and incur extra expenses if the farmer considers artificial ripening of fruits as an option to make their fruits more marketable.

Harvesting too late might lead to decay of perishable farm products and loss of money that could have been made from their sales.

In the case of competition from other farmers, late harvesting would cause late arrival of farm produce at the market and reduce the chances of the crops being sold as there would be very little demand for the products because they have been supplied by other farmers.

Ripening of fruits and timing of harvest is only one of the many merits of the use of drones in agriculture, drones can also be used by farmers to monitor their crops and watch out for other details such as outbreak of diseases and destruction of crops by pests.

When crops are constantly monitored by drones, diseases would be discovered in time and curtailed to avoid a spread of the diseases to other crops.

At low cost and little demand for physical exertion,  farmers can use drones as monitoring devices for their farms, thus reducing loss and maximizing profit.

Apple Watch Review

The start of the new year was marked by Apple’s strategic introduction of the smartwatch to the mainstream commodities market.

The marketing strategy was geared towards making the smartwatch a must have gadget for all consumers and this approach seems to have been pulled off rather seamlessly because significant interest was generated towards the new gadget.

Pebble existed before Apple Watch and its approach was concentrated towards simplicity and functionality. Apple Watch, on the other hand, approach a much more friendlier outlook in a bid to engage consumers.

They wanted to make it into something much more than a passive gadget that will only be consulted or remembered when the user wants to check his email activity, or check the time.

The question to ask now is, did Apple Watch quite manage to achieve this? Is this new device worth forking out the bucks?

Our honest answer to this question will be Yes and No.

However, the obvious successor to smartphones is the new line of smartwatches and Apple Watch succeeded in making things interesting for the user by adding quite a number of interesting features that serve to give us an idea of what the future of smart devices will look like.

Even with all of this, this wonderful gadget is garnering positive reviews from all corners due to its newly updated software.

The Apple Watch now gives users the ability to play music wirelessly, monitor their heart rate, transfer animated emoji, track their literal footsteps, send their heartbeat to loved ones, view notifications, and dictate messages.

It keeps you connected to activities you would otherwise have to view on your phone and this serves to make your smartphone have its needed rest.

However, you must note that this awesome device has not been rigged to work all alone yet. For you to have access to all the functions mentioned above, you must connect the device to an iPhone.

You mist be at a range of 30 feet from your phone but you can further extend the range by connecting through WiFi.

Next, we look at all the awesome features that the Apple Watch can offer the user:


One of the most praised attributes of the Apple Watch is its physical outlook. Doubtless, it is a very attractive watch.

It has a sleek elegant and discreet look in addition to the curved glass that blends in tandem with the  metal, and elegant clean lines. The watch was designed with absolutely no sharp edge. It is sleek from top to bottom.

It has a stainless steel case that is coloured either aluminium or rose gold.  However, it is more on the thick side but it has been designed to curve inwards and this makes it look rather thinner than it really is.

The quite sizeable bulk is a major problem with all smartwatches. This is because the technology behind it is not quite as evolved as it should be but every well learned user knows that this could change in a short while.

Even at that, the Apple Watch is still relatively lighter and more balanced than other smartwatches on the market. It measures 0.4x1.3x1.5 or  0.4x1.4x1.6 inches and it weighs 1.5 pounds.

If you are a regular user of different brands of wristwatches, you will understand that the relative thickness is not that much of a compromise on the service a it offers to you.

Apple Watch comes in two different variants. One is a inch and a half, while the other has a 1.3 inches case.

This distinction was made in a bid to attract both male and female users. This is because most females would rather go for the lighter one.

However, the bigger variant of the Apple Watch has a stronger battery life.

The Apple Watch has its Digital Crown on the right side. A button is also included on the same side and this can be used to hide or show friends, turn the smartwatch on or off, and access Apple Pay.

The heart rate sensor is included at the base of the Apple Watch. A magnetic inductive charging system, also referred to as a QI compliant, is also resident in the same place.

A barely visible microphone is on the left side of the watch. There is also a tiny speaker there for making and receiving phone calls but you will barely see any of these inclusions.

As with all Apple products, the Apple Watch costs way more than its counterparts on the market. Well, it is also better looking and has more interesting functionalities, but get, we’re just giving advice here, we’re not salesmen.

The Apple Watch used in our review was outfitted with a Black Sport Band, a Milanese Loop, and finally, a Leather Loop. Any of these three straps can be used successfully with the watch.

When used with the sport band, the Apple Watch becomes very comfortable. However, it is also quite indistinguishable from the plastic bands used on a lot of other smartwatches.

It also comes with a very unique clasp mechanism. We expect that you will get used to this feature in  no time.

For the Milanese Loop, there is a mesh like structure that complements the metallic case rather nicely.

This will be a plus for the female user but it just might be a tad too feminine for males. The Milanese loop is unarguably the one with the most feminine feel of all the strap options.

The strap is readily adjustable and it can be worn for both classy and casual outings. It is also very comfortable on the wrist and flexible too.

It has a magnetic clasp that can be set to always stay shut. However, it will be advisable for you to leave the band looser so that it can balance with the overall weight of the watch itself.

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